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  Fairman TCR
now updated for III straight from Mr.Fairman`s care :)
(it has brand new old nos tube from early 70`s and sounds better that new one
  TC M6000 + mastering option
System 6000 offers the best and latest technology from TC. Including best reverbs, delays and also dynamics and eq's for mastering from TC Electronics.
  Sony DMX-R100
Great digitalmixer!!! 4 adat cards+ aes card.
  ChandlerLimited Curveblender
mint unit with powersupple
  DBX 160vu  
  *2247 LE *Vacuum Tube Microphone
with Telefunken EF-14 Tube-Microphone, Power Supply, 7 Conductor Cable, and Shock Mount , Packed in Wood Box and Flight Case
  2 x DPA 4041-SP
First-class microphone ecpesially for acoustic instruments.
This microphone offers a totally transparent audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor and a SPL handling capability of
134 dB SPL peak.
  Prism Sound dream ADA-8
The ADA-8XR is the top professionals' converter of choice in the most exacting applications in music and sound recording, mastering and post-production. It offers the cleanest and most transparent conversion available. The ADA-8XR is perfect for recording vocal, single instruments, drums or orchestra. It is in use in the top studios around the world.
  Korby microphone with U67,U47,Elam251 and C-12 heads
all the best four mics in one!! price

Vintage 1958 Gates SA-39 B Tube Compressor Limiter
6-unit high monster with TV-size VU.meter , mint condition ,Very smooth high quality Variable-Mu compression/limiting.
  Knif Audio Chartmakers edition
Stereo mastering varimu compressor
  Urei 1176 silverface
one of the best compressors there is.
  Prism ADA-8 8 I/O converter  
  pair of Klein & Hummel UE 1000 eq`s
Nice condition, works for mastering and mixing 6unit and 35kg of muscle in each unit.
  Roland R880
One of the best Lexicon 480 clone ever made, mint condition.
  Sony DRE2000
exelent condition, these units are very rare and used by Avatar and few other best studios in the world.
  EMT 245
True Classic reverb, amazing sound and mint condition.
  Weiss DS-1 and EQ1 mk2
Ultimate mastering tool, more details:
 and , exelent condition.
  Digidesign ProControl
Main unit, got two of these on sale.
  ADR, 120eur/ each. 2xS01, 1xS30, noise gate, de-esser and dynamic noise filter gate each or whole kit  
  Digidesign C24 controller , nice condition
desk to C24 with rack spaces, nice unit
  Novation nova II
nice analog sounding synth.
  Liquid channel
mint condition
  Neve 44 , console, has direct outputs after eq`s mostly used in recording tru them, amazing sound and low price  
  AKG BX-20E
stereo spring reverb with huge and warm sound, there has been used in
several classic albums, weight 60kg and high over one meter
  2 x DPA 4041-SP
First-class microphone ecpesially for acoustic instruments.
This microphone offers a totally transparent audio path with an exceptionally low noise floor and a SPL handling capability of 134 dB SPL peak.
  2 x Aviom interfaces , Aviom AN-16/i Input Module  
  3 x Aviom mixer n=a16II
  Pultec EQh-2 Equalizer
Fully functional, no scratchy pots, new power cable, recently serviced. This sounds incredible. There is some normal wear for the age of the unit. the best sounding EQ in the WORLD !!!!
  ORBAN 6228 Parametric Equalizer
mint condition!
  Fedelar Amplifier AM-864/U
Amazing tube mono compressor/limitter, new Coldplay albums vocal tracks has been mixed with Federal ... High quality and sound from early 60`s
  Yamaha NS-10 pair
A classic pair, nice condition!
  Klein &Hummel UE400 mastering EQ
amazing sound, unit in nice condition.
  Universal audio 2-1176
two 1176 in the same package, works as a dual mono or as a stereo pair, in good condition
  Universal Audio 2-1176 Twin Vintage Limiting Amplifier match pair
Legendary 1176 compressor's stereoversion.
  Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A
Audio professionals' all time favourite LA-2A.
It's really acknowledged for its natural compression characteristics.
  Crane Song HEDD192
HEDD, short for harmonically enhanced digital device, is a technological breakthrough in signal processing, it generates tube/analog sounds in the digital domain. Icluding tapecompression simulation among others.
  Urei La-4 matching pair
Soft and slow compressing. Excellent for bass, vocals, snare etc.
  2 x Neumann KM 184
The KM 184 microphones are standard microphones in the studios worldwide.
Excellent for nearmictechnique for cymbals!
  Manley Mastering Version Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
You need to hear this EQ! The mastering version of Manley's Massive Passive stereo EQ.
Totally unbeatable tool for mastering and excellent also for recording and mixing.
Stereoimager developed by Bob Katz. Super for mastering!!!
  DPA 4041-T tube mic with 6pin connect
its like new and used like five times, was our spare unit. and we did sell the stereo pair few weeks ago so this we dont need.
  match pair of Sontronics Sigma ribbon microphones
exelent warm sound!! mint condition !!
  Korg Trinity
great synth for multiple use
  EMT 266 stereo limiter
new has cost 10000euros, real classic!!
  Madi system 64 I/O

Rme HDSP Madi card
Rme ADI-648 interface

Rme ADI-192 DD aes/adat converters 3units

whole kit.
  Urei LA-4 Pair
exelent vintage compressors
  Universal audio La-3 pair
6 months old and in mint condition.
  ADR Scamp Rack 8-pieces x S31
Compressor Limiter these are exelent vintage DBX 160vu sounding compressors+ 4-pieces x S30 Expander Gate+ 2 pachpays to it.
  Universal audio Teletronix LA-2
mint condition
  Neve VRP Legend  
  AKG BX-20E
stereo spring reverb with huge and warm sound, there has been used in several classic albums, weight 60kg and hight over one meter
  Focusrite Red 7
The Red 7 is a powerful and versatile direct recording processor. It features a single Red Range mic pre, plus a mono channel of the dynamics from the Red 3, with the addition of a de-esser/exciter.
  DBX 165 compressor/limiter
is known for its 'over easy' trademark compression sound... the compression can be transparent, even when applying a significant amount of compression
  Urei 1178
a stereo version of the classic 1176LN, the most famous limiter forever!
  Quested VH2108
Quested VS1115
active subwoofer
Hafler P3000
amplifier , like new,used in home studio.The sub has been on under 10hours,becouse the room was too small. Clear sounding near/midfield monitor packet.
  Fairman TRC mark3
everything that human being needs in one channel, pultec eq, fairchild 670 compressor and mic/line pre which makes people smile even with bad teeth.
  Sony DMXR-100
is acknowledged as the best sounding, most user friendly of the compact digital consoles. With up to 48 inputs (48kHz) or 24 at 96, the DMX is increasingly sought after by muso’s, producers and post houses woldwide. Expasion cards are still available for ADAT,AES. Firewire or Madi. This one has 4-adat cards.
(original) nice condition, matching pair
  Neumann M147 Tube
The famous capsule, together with complimenting tube characteristics, makes the M 147 Tube especially well suited as a vocal mic. In addition, it is a superb spot mic for all types of musical instruments.
pair (Replica) Sounds same as original La-4, Built by Rantanen/Finnvox
It is one of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. It uses the same technique than the precious vintage Fairchild 670.
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