We operate a five day charge for a week’s use, and 15 day charge for a month’s use. Contact and negotiate for longer periods of hire.
  12 Neve Pre-amps Neve 1081x9 + 3 air series
The 1081R makes a perfect alternative for engineers to get the Neve sound quality.
The rack can be positioned easily making it ideal for both studio and live recordings.
The Air mic pre is the optimum choice for ambient mic techniques and the 1081 offers a perfect response to close micing techniques.

  Pultec EQh-2 Equalizer
  DBX 160 matching pair
DBX160 sounds grear everywhere but it's ecpesially famous what it makes for drumsounds!
Standardsound maker in music industry, which you can recognize immediately.

  TC M6000 + mastering option
System 6000 offers the best and latest technology from TC. Including best reverbs, delays and also dynamics and eq's for mastering from TC Electronics.
  Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
Fully unbeatable compressor for snare!!!

Flea U47 mach pair
100e/ day

Flea U47
60e/ day

  Feel free to ask for other microphones.  
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